Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Per Case Review: Lego set 6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle

Who among the toy collecting world isn't intrigued by stop-motion animation.  With their own toys...  This is my first attempt (well third if you count the first two failures!).  It was fun and Legos sure are awesome to build and show off this way!  The set is fun and Lego Capt ROCKS!  I mean seriously... LEGO FREAKING MARVEL!!!!!  We have a Lego... HULK!  Well I don't yet... but I will!  Honestly.

My review is as such:

1.  Do you like Legos?  If yes go to #2, if no then please don't click the video.
2.  Do you like Marvel Super Heroes?  If yes then click the video below, if no then what the hell is wrong with you and why are you reading this????

Just kidding...  anyhow I hope you enjoy Steve Rogers in Lego form as much as I do!  I think this toy kicks major booty!  Enjoy my feeble attempt at entertainment!

OnePerCase Video and Review by JasonX