Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Avengers Month Kicks Off!

Move over Morgan Webb and Candace Bailey - you've got some new competition!  To celebrate the imminent arrival of Joss Whedon's ultimate superhero geek fest The Avengers, we at OPC present an entire month of Avengers-related postings!  We get you ready for the film by helping you choose the right comics dealing with possible storylines, rate the slew of action figures and ships that are in stores (and already in Jason's garage), and review the Blu-ray releases which inspired Marvel's massive movie machine.  This is THE go-to place for all things Avengers-related - make this the first place you visit blurry-eyed on your mobile, and the last thing you look at after kissing Plush Hulk, or possibly your Morgan Webb Blowup Doll, goodnight.
Avengers, Assemble!!