Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection 87 – Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction)

Time for another Star Wars review from the latest wave of the Vintage Collection. This wave consists of five figures from Return of the Jedi, taken from deleted scenes released on the blu-ray collection. The LukeSkywalker in this set is based on the lightsaber construction deleted scene. So how does he stack up? I’m rather split on where to stand on this figure.

 As always with the Star Wars Vintage Collection, the packaging works for me. A bubble that’s just big enough to hold the figure and accessories, a painting that is almost as crisp as an actual photo (dig that 3PO!), all on a design borrowed from the 70s/80s. I wish they’d keep the Vintage Collection around until the end of the line… but then again, that could get pretty expensive.

 The sculpt is on par with what we’ve come to expect from the Star Wars Vintage Collection. Hasbro still seems to be having some trouble really nailing Mark Hamill’s likeness, but that being said, this version is among the best to date. Once you get under the big bulky cloak, the sculpting is well done on his outfit. It’s a little tough to see due to the dark paint, but the detailing on the vest, etc. look good. The tunic is molded, with a small bit of cloth at the bottom, which works surprisingly well.

Accessories. Speaking of the big bulky cloak… hmm. For my tastes, it’s just too much. The hood is huge and ends up swallowing Luke’s head. He looks somewhere between Ben imitating a Krayt Dragon and an oversize Jawa. He also comes with a belt, a lightsaber hilt, what I assume is a construction piece and a lit saber.

Once you ditch that robe, you’ve actually got a pretty good looking Luke Skywalker. He’s got all that sweet Star Wars Vintage Collection articulation that we’ve been given on a constant basis. He holds his saber well, and can hold it in a variety of poses. Really, no complaints here.

Overall, this is another solid release for the Star Wars Vintage Collection. All around goodness on sculpt, articulation and (for the most part) accessories. I can’t say I have the lightsaber construction scene memorized, but this seems to be a good representation and is worth picking up, particularly if you’re one of the lucky ones that has a Wal-Mart with these marked down to $4. If stores around you are thin, you can always pick these up via BBTS or other great online retailers.