Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends Wrecking Crew Piledriver

The Wrecking Crew.  How can you not like them.  Big, buff, bulky villains that pride themselves in thrashing heroes.  Find out more about him: PILEDRIVER!

Beastly large figures are great.  When they are villains, I like it even more!  Utilizing mostly the Warpath two-pack buck (again it could be older than that but I have no reference to build from), Piledriver is a simple tank of a bad guy.  He comes with a ball and chain, and it is a big one.  I love the big ugly mug and the smirk makes me smile.

 His arms were sculpted to be bare.  The veins and skin texture are visible if you look for it.  But honestly you don't notice it until close inspection.  I am torn on the shading of the white.  I think I like it, but no decision has been made (I will probably just forget I care and move on).  His upper legs make him taller than Warpath.  He has new hands/gloves.

Piledriver makes it difficult not to like him.  Intimidating and well executed (his shading on the white is the only question mark).  Although the character is a simple design, I approve.


 Piledriver: "Daken, She is MY GIRL!  I LOVE PAPER OVER PLASTIC!"
Deadpool: "Uhh..  Dude.  She has had a ton of work done.  You sure you don't like plastic?"
Piledriver: "Smash you!"

 OnePerCase review by Jason Un Rama