Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends Thunderball (Marvel's The Wreckers)

Marvel Legends The Wreckers: Thunderball

What do you know about this character?  Want to know more?  Click here: Marvel's Thunderball!

Of course this figure is strikingly similar to Piledriver, but that should be expected as they are variants of each other. Everything but the head is the same.  Throw on a different paint job and this guy is ready to play for the Packers.

Now it should be said that the Marvel Legends cases have been pretty logical until now.  Either they are ALL variants, or none of them are.  Wave 1 and the TRU exclusive 2-packs were exactly that way.  No surprises at all.  From what I understand, Wave 2 has 4 different case packs:

2x Bucky Cap, Drax, Fantomex, Big Time Spidey, Thunderball, Madame Masque, Masked Dark Wolverine (hereforth called Daken)
2x Bucky Cap, Drax, Fantomex, FF Spidey, Thunderball, Madame Masque, Unmasked Daken
2x Bucky Cap, Drax, Fantomex, FF Spidey, Piledriver, Madame Hydra (yikes!), Unmasked Daken
2x Bucky Cap, Drax, Fantomex, Big Time Spidey, Piledriver, Madame Hydra, Masked Daken

I can verify that the 2nd and 3rd cases in the list are indeed true.  I have found both.  But the others still elude me!  But quite frankly...  I can wait.

Thunderball's articulation is great.  Rocker ankles and bendy toes!  He has most of the common ML joints.  He does not have the bendy wrists though, but it does not detract from the quality of the figure.  His paint is sharp.  He doesn't suffer from the "need to shade the white syndrome" like his fellow Wrecker does.  The head sculpt screams bad MF!  Where Piledriver's face looks a little goofy (in a good way), Thunderball looks serious.  Dead serious.  Great execution.

Thunderball.  How can I dislike an oversized muscle bound freak of a figure with a ball and chain?  Answer:  I cannot.  I love this variant.  It's a smart choice to quickly give us two similar teammates in one wave while providing us with a neat variant on the BAF.  Bravo Hasbro!  (Mattel, please take note of what collectors like!)  Kids may be buying this line... not at Toys R Us for $19.99 but maybe at Target for $14.99.  But collectors will buy them all when they find them.  Why?  Because BAFs are really addicting.   Solomon Grundy was my first... and I need my fix all the time.

I love Thunderball.  I love that he is bigger than the BAF!

"Madame Hydra, you would look great with some yellow!  I will call you Madame Wrecker from this point forth!!!"

 Review by OnePerCase's Wrecker JasonX