Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends Madame Masque

As much as I hate Madame Hydra, I love Madame Masque.  It's amazing how the sculpt of the head can impact my opinion so greatly.  Madame Masque is a good figure.  Not great, but good.  I still can't get over her torso...  Where Madame Hydra was a ButterFace (Editors note: "But her face"), Madame Masque is a ButterTorso.  In other words, no bag needed.  I hate to think what is under that mask... *shiver*

Quite frankly, variants rule and Marvel Legends is kicking some ass in the variants department.  They are reminding me of wave 4 of DC Universe Classics Wonder Woman and Artemis.  GREAT variants!

Wanna know more about Whitney Frost?  Madame Masque

Articulation is the same as Madame Hydra.  The paint has a "shaded white" look to it.  With a little depth given to it with some grey.  The head sculpt is good, but the chest still looks like giant gumballs in socks...  Sad.  Now, I hated Madame Hydra so much that I missed a key element.  SHE HAS A HOLSTER!!!!  I love holsters... and I appreciate that they painted the weapon to match the characters theme.

  "I'll kiss you through that bag of yours.  I love green that much!"
(Mask on Bag action....)

Review by JasonX