Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends Future Foundation Spider-Man

Spider-Man.  We all know him.  It's hard not to love him.  The every-man.  Dealing with real life issues.  Paying rent, etc.  Although he never ages like the rest of us, he is an iconic superhero and probably will always be.  If you need to brush up on your Spidie history click here: Spider-Man
Learn about the Future Foundation here: Future Foundation

Like we need another Spidie costume.  Well...  we don't.  But, I like this one.  It's kinda neat.  And c'mon, Spidie needs to join all the super teams.  Of course he really could never be an X-Men (but maybe he was, correct me if I missed it) because he isn't a mutant.  He has just been mutated.  But now Mr. Parker has been an Avenger and a member of the FF.

The look is clean and sharp.  The toy represents it well.  Nice clean paint.  Great articulation.  Again the 2 pack Deadpool body is utilized while using the new style ankle articulation.

He was fun to pose.  I do wish I had a better "flight" type stand to hang him upside down.  But it will have to do.  With no accessories, his paint and articulation have to stand alone, and they do.  All in all, we have been delivered a real nice and fun figure.



  "Love this girl!  Mary Jane who?"

 OnePerCase review by JasonX