Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends Fantomex Review


I care about Fantomex for one reason.  The Uncanny X-Force.  Read it!  Love it!  Tell everyone you know!  It is great!

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Then continue: Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4

Want to no more about this wannabe ninja with a trechcoat and guns? Fantomex

I was excited to get Fantomex in 6" plastic and mostly I am satisfied with the outcome.  I do believe they missed on a couple of details though.

The biggest issue for me: he holds his guns terribly!  C'mon now.  Who the hell holds their guns this way?!?!  TERRIBLE!  He also has issues standing up straight.  I had to maneuver him into various positions to get him to look like his was standing up straight.  So annoying! And...  NO ROCKER ANKLES!!!  ...sigh...

The sculpt looks nice.  The paint is sharp.  He does have HOLSTERS!  I love holsters!  HOLSTERS!!!

I always forget to give you links where to buy these.  Here is the link to BBTS Marvel Legends 2012.  You can grab both wave 1 and 2 here: Marvel Legends 2012

In the end, I like Fantomex.  Unlike Madame Hydra, he has issues that I can overlook.  I will force him to stand and keep those guns in his holsters.  I know the Marvel Universe 4" collectors are wishing they had him a little smaller.  Be jealous!

UGH!  He doesn't look too bad looking at the backside of the hand, but still.. ugh (EDIT: what was I thinking.  They look terrible whatever way you look at it!)


"Oh la la Mademoiselle.  
Je t'aime. J'aime les sacs en papier!"  

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