Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends BAF Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola.  Robots with faces on the torso are very intriguing.  Remember Krang from TMNT?  Of course he was mostly a goofy villain but still fun.  You can read about Arnim's evil exploits in his wiki: Arnim Zola

As a figure he is the same as the Red Skull version.  With a different face and paint apps.  Red Skull Arnim Zola

His articulation is as follows:

Legs - rockers ankles, double hinged knee, swivel in the shin at the top of the boot, and ball type legs at the hips with a swivel at the top of the thigh
Arms - ball shoulder, single hinge ball joint at the elbow, and a swivel and hinge for wrists
Torso - swivel at waist (It would have been a shame to disrupt his pretty face by adding more articulation!)
Head - ball and hinge at the neck

Hasbro has really been attempting to give us great articulation in the RoML line.  I hope it continues as we hear of articulation cutbacks in some of their other lines.  (GI Joe and Avengers for example)  A couple of the reasons I prefer 6 inch figs over their classic 3 3/4" counterpart is the additional details and articulation.

You can pre-order a random variant set of 7 from BBTS here: RoML Wave 2

Enough about my opinion.  Let's get to the pics!

OnePerCase review by JasonX