Friday, March 2, 2012

Indiana Jones Collection Blu-ray to Arrive in Fall!

Here's hoping you have space for Professor Jones under your tree this Christmas.

I honestly could have waited for Star Wars to be released on Blu-ray, after reading this article about the damage Lucas wrecked upon the master print.  Granted, it's selling well, but the damage done is immeasurable.

So, when news came out this week that Lucas's other child, Indiana Jones, was being released, I honestly cringed. Would these films be 'Lucas-ed,' with new footage showing Jones doing things we never imagined? Luckily, that answer is an emphatic 'no.'

According to fellow creator Steven Spielberg, the Indy releases will reflect the originals in every way. "We haven’t removed anything, we haven’t added CGI, there’s no digital enhancements! It’s purely the movie some of you may remember from 1981.” That means no 'lost footage' CGI, no Indy dance scenes, all which must come as a welcomed relief to, well, everyone.

Let's not belabor the point: Lucas has committed film crime of the highest order, a move that his fans will probably never forgive. To see Indiana Jones being spared this sort of revisionist film making is certainly good news.

In a statement from Paramount, the release will feature, "a 'best of' collection of documentaries, interviews, featurettes and a few new surprises." Let's hope these will add to the already significant list of features from the 2003 edition, which are among the most insightful and complete for a series I've ever seen. This could also mean that they'll cull though the 2003 features, add a couple of new ones, and call it a day. I hope the latter isn't the case. We need a separate disc of features and four clean restorations before I think fans will breathe a true sigh of relief.

I'm guessing that Paramount's 'fall 2012' date means that Indy will hang his hat just in time for Christmas. Let's just hope Lucas is too busy to notice.  Here's a link to the Amazon pre-order.