Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Battleforce 2000 Avalanche by MSWI

Everyone once in a while you come across a favorite childhood figure or figures that you WISH that they would update.  I feel that way about Battleforce 2000: Battleforce 2000.  I absolutely love them.  I love the Future Fortress.  Hasbro preyed upon my love of the Transformers combiners...

Now if you ever check out GI Joe customs, you have to have seen MSWI's stuff.  This guy is genius.  And when I laid my eyes upon his beautiful Battleforce 2000 figures, I knew I could not do these any better.  A quick message later and deal was struck and a few more weeks and they were in my hands.  MSWI does not disappoint.

You can check out his blog of customs here: Heretics Custom Toy Forge and his facebook page here: MSWI on Facebook

He was a pleasure to work and I thank him again for allowing me to have updated BF2000 figs!  (All but Dee-jay, I never had him as a kid!)

Avalanche was the snow trooper from the BF2000 team.  He had a weird-ass gun and a bulky antenna.  His vehicle, The Dominator, was sold separately but that didn't stop me.  Avalanche was only ever released that one time!  Sad!  Here are the links: Avalanche and Dominator

Say what you will about the Future Fortress, I know mine was battling the Iron Grenadiers and Destro!

OnePerCase Fandom and pics by JasonX

Special thanks to MSWI for his fantastic work!