Saturday, February 4, 2012

SDCC 2012: GI Joe

We all love them and hate them.  Exclusives.  I actually love them more when they give us a big dose of suck.  When we got moive exclusives for RoC, it was a big win.  No torture.  No pain.  No need to buy that crap.  But this year.  This year tops last year by a mile.  Just look at that Shockwave Cannon!!!!!!!!!  I'm sold.  I was hoping for a figure with it.  Now I don't care.  Doesn't need it.  But some Destro decked out in SIlver in purple might look nice or even a purple Renegades style Stormy.  But I don't need one.  That thing is AWESOME!  Better than the Starscream Skystriker...  well maybe not the Megatron gun part of it, but yah.  AWESOME!

Jinx is a no brainer.  We all want to complete the orinigal 80s Joes with updated articulation and sculpts.  I love it.   With the Joe Club's VvV Jinx... I feel Jinx completed this year!  Great stuff!  But I am left with a lingering question...  Where is Kwinn?