Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection VC88 – Princess Leia (Sandstorm Outfit)

It sure seems that we’ve been getting a good number of Princess Leia figures in her Jabba’s Slave outfit lately. We got one last go around in the Legacy Collection that came with swappable legs. We got one at SDCC and later at retail on Vintage Collection packaging, and now we’ve got another one in the Vintage Collection with a sand poncho to cover herself up. To me, that’s a lot of one costume, particularly when we haven’t seen updates to her Bespin or classic ANH white gown in a while. Well, at least they’re well done, and the Sandstorm outfit Leia gives us a little something new.

Yes, that is a nice big crease in the card. Thanks to the careless employee or douche bag “collector” who bent up this nice piece of card art. Because it really is nice. A painting rather than an actual photo, but extremely well done. If I take my glasses off and stand back a little, it looks like a photo to me. Whether that’s a testament to how well this was painted or how poor my eyesight has become, that’s a debate for another time. Oh, and it you didn’t know, there’s a nice sticker on the bubble to let you know what this is a blu-ray deleted scene figure.

Overall, this is a well sculpted figure, as are most Star Wars Vintage Collection figures (you’ll see a trend in my other reviews). The combo molded hood/robe and soft good poncho looks great from the front. A little weird from the back, but I don’t pose my figures facing backwards, do you? The hood fits well around her face, better than the Lando figure. The face sculpt is about on par with what we’ve got in similar recent figures. Not thebest Carrie Fisher I’ve seen, but good. The hairpiece looks good, and underneath the robes the arm cuff, metal bikini and skirt all look pretty screen accurate.

Princess Leia is prepped for the Sandstorm with a molded hood/robe, a cloth poncho and a well done set of sand goggles. The goggles fit well, and you can clearly see Sandstorm Leia’s eyes through the goggles, so all aces there. She’s also got a staff in case she runs into any Tusken Raiders or other various baddies that want to brave that nasty Tatooine sandstorm.

When it comes to articulation, the Star Wars Vintage Collection delivers. Princess Leia, even in her complete Sandstorm outfit, has about all the range of motion you could ask for. Neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. What else do you want in 3 ¾” scale? She can wield her staff in a relatively convincing manner, so yea, articulation enough to keep everyone content.

Bottom line, is Sandstorm Outfit Princess Leia worth the purchase? Well, if you want to complete your sandstorm scene, obviously you’ll want this. If you don’t have the other Slave Leias, then you’ll want this. If you want a Slave Leia but have either of the past two, you can probably skip this one. These are just starting to hit right now, so if you’re having trouble finding one, don’t panic just yet. You can always order a set from BBTS or another fine online outlet.