Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends Terrax

Terrax.  Yah, he looks great but who is he?  In fact, upon reading through his history, this guy has died and come back to life many many times.  A Herald of Galactus.  A pawn of Dr. Doom.  A tyrant on his home world.  Enemy to the Fantastic Four.  He has done it all.  Check out his wiki: Who is Terrax?

The Build-A-Figure from wave 1 of Hasbro's Marvel Legends relaunch is pretty intimidating.  The quality of work is impressive.  He stands 7.5 inches tall.  His articulation is top-notch.  He has a great range of movement in his limbs.  Highlights are his hands (swivel and hinge) and his feet (ROCKER FREAKING ANKLES!).  I am disappointed with the closed fist.  I want him to hold his weapon with two hands!

I am unable to compare this BAF with any older ML ones.   I can compare it to Mattel's DC Universe BAFs,  His body movement overshadows most of them.  Nekron does have double knees and elbows, but no rockers so still no comparison.  Many DC BAFs have rocker ankles but not double knees/elbows nor the great hand articulation.  I would rate this high my list of BAfs, however the character is a bit obscure to me.  He looks great, he has great paint apps, and he comes with his Axe!  Suck it Nekron!  All in all, I approve of the choice and execution of Terrax.  This line is sure starting off fantastic.