Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review: Marvel Legends Madame Hydra

Marvel Legends Madame Hydra

On paper this figure sounds great.  Madame Hydra... hot with green makeup and hair.  Sounds easy enough.. but what the hell Hasbro!  Execution of this figure fails in almost every way.

I will give you one more picture with her face... That's it.  One.

All done, no more head shots.  If I could take her picture with the lights off, I would.  But then I couldn't show you any other detail.  I love the green weapons.  And... that's where my love ends.  Well, ok..  The paint apps are clean and crisp.  But girl, you have had WAY too much work done.

You decide.  Failure or not.

Green weapons.  Check!

Bag on her head... check!

Now we can all breath a sigh of relief...