Friday, February 17, 2012

Prepare for Extermination! Day 6 - Structor

It's Day 6... one bot to go, and that bot is Structor.

Structor is an excellent update for collector's who have wanted some new Constructicons. We've gotten a few versions of them before, Armada's Build Team, Energon's Constructicon Maximus, and Wal-Mart's Classic Constructicons. But, none of those sets have lived up to being THE Constructicons. Leave it to a 3rd Party company to deliver on, what I feel, the be the penultimate update on G1's first combiner team.

Like the rest of the Hercules team, Structor pays homage to G1's Constructicons, in  this case, Scrapper. Structor is right up there with his brethren, a solid sturdy construction vehicle, in this case a front-end loader, in the classic yellow/green and purple of the original Constructicons. If you're still needing this figure to complete your set, you can still get him at BBTS... HERE.

It's our last bot before the big guy himself... let's take a look!

If the Hercules team follows suit, then Structor, like the character he's an homage to, is the leader of the Hercules team and the final piece in bringing Hercules to completion. Like the rest of the team, Structor comes in a very nice window box that showcases some nice art, pictures of all the figures modes, and gives you a good look at the figure and his accessories.

Structor comes with the usual 2 guns (one purple and one red) and 2 extra pieces, small wings that can either be mounted on his Alt-mode or, when in combination with the plate from Mad Blender, form Hercules' chest plate.

As per the others, the excellent tray artwork is present... i just wish I could have done it justice.

Structor comes with his requisite instructions...

 ... and Tech-Spec card.

Structor is solidly built. As with the rest of the figures, I have had no issues how he feels. The plastic is good and not once have I felt that these might break or crumble in my hands.

With the exception of the wing pieces, there is really no other bits that are left out when Structor is in either mode. Granted, you can place the wings on him in either mode, I just don't care for them. He's a construction vehicle, not some weird plane hybrid.


Once again, TFClub delivers the goods on articulation! Like the rest of the team, Structor is jam-packed with swivel joints making his posability top-notch!

Of all the Hercules Team, I feel Structor has the easiest transformation to Alt-mode. There is some extra manipulation of his shoulders (well, the black plates his arms are mounted on) to get the wheels positioned right, but it's nothing difficult.



You can mount the wings on him... but I just chose not to.

Transforming Structor to Leg-mode is rather easy. Simply flip up the loader bucket, rotate the black shoulder plates, and fold the arms up.

Scale as compared to Wheeljack once again ...

And, pop the hex-post from Heavy labor into Structor just as we did with Mad Blender... and we have a fully formed Hercules!

Using the wings from Structor and the purple plate from the back of Mad Blender, connect the 3 pieces to form Hercules' chest plate. Connect it to the posts that are on the upper torso part that is Dr. Crank.


A fully... formed... Hercules. This is one bad ass figure set. I have been so in awe of this since I started. I've been thoroughly impressed, The figures have all been excellently engineered, constructed, articulated, and painted. I have not once been really disappointed.

That's all I have for the individual bots... I have one last review for everybody. Stay tuned tomorrow as I review Hercules himself! Until then...

"My work is a monument to - and of - my enemies." - Scrapper

Review and pics by Scion of Primus for