Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prepare for Extermination! Day 5 - Mad Blender

We're moving right along... it's Day 5 and we're almost done building our homage to G1 Devastator, TFClub's Hercules. Today, we're going to take a look at Mad Blender, the Hercules equivalent to G1's Mixmaster.

Like our first 4, Mad Blender is an excellently built update to Mixmaster. He shows off the same yellow/green and purple decco that makes the Constructicons so iconic. He contains his fair share of silver and green paint apps throughout.

You can still get your own Mad Blender at BBTS... HERE.

2 more bots to go... let's take a look at #5!

Continuing the excellent packaging, Mad Blender comes in a full-color window box giving a decent look at his accessories. Some more great artwork covers the front and side of the box and we get some shots of Mad Blender in all his modes.


Mad Blender comes with a small handful of accessories; the 2 standard guns (one purple and one red) and the mixing barrel for his Alt-mode.

 The standard of great artwork under the tray continues with Mad Blender.

And of course, Mad Blender's requisite instructions...

... and Tech-Spec card.

Mad Blender isn't as self contained in Bot-mode as some of the others. The mixing barrel doesn't really hang off his back well, but does have another pretty neat function I'll show in a sec.

I certainly can't argue the figure quality. Mad Blender continues the line's amazing articulation with an inordinate amount of swivel joints allowing him to assume a crazy amount of poses.

As I mentioned earlier, Mad Blender's mixing barrel doesn't really hang off the figure well. It does however serve another purpose. It pulls apart making a rifle type weapon and what I can only summarize as weapons pods. The barrel breaks in half, and then half again forming 8 small  attachments, each with what appears to be cannon barrels. So he may only be the Hercules team's chemist, but he's one heavily armed chemist! I found the 4 main ports to which to attach 4 of the pods, which left 4 laying about.

Mad Blender's transformation isn't all that hard, though the legs require a lot of rotation and folding to get them into the cab. Otherwise... it's pretty easy.

 In Alt-Mode, Mad Blender is fairly self-contained.

Getting Mad Blender into leg mode isn't too difficult. It mostly involves manipulating the cab to be Hercules'  foot and spinning the lower mount of the mixing barrel 180 degrees so it's more towards the cab section. The purple plate that comes off the back of Mad Blender's Alt-mode gets used later in combination with some parts from Structor to make Hercule's chestplate.

To give you an idea of the leg's size...

The one thing I did notice was a bit of an issue and don't really seem to have a remedy for is when Mad Blender is in Leg-mode the rear-most connector for the mixing barrel doesn't seat very well into the slot in normally fits into while in Alt-mode.

Mad Blender still dishes out the awe. I have yet to be really be disappointed in any of these pieces, they're still sturdy and well-built. His joints are slid and his articulation is excellent. The port at which he connects to Heavy Labor is the same port type used on the arms; which is the same as those used in the Energon combiners. And still, solid.

Hercules is almost done, 1 bot review to go and then the final review on the big guy himself! Stay with us for tomorrow's look at bot #6, Structor, the TFClub homage to the Constructicon's leader, Scrapper.

Until then...

"How strong the steel, how quick the conquest." - Mixmaster

Review and pics by Scion of Primus for