Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prepare for Extermination! Day 4 - Heavy Labor

It's day 4, time to go to work. And who better to carry it all but TFClub's updated Long Haul, Heavy labor.

As an homage to Long Haul, Heavy Labor makes up the lower torso section of Hercules. In the same veins as the previous "Constructicons", Heavy Labor is not just some mish-mash construction vehicle but an amazingly detailed update and excellent likeness of the figure he is an homage to. You can still get your own Heavy Labor at BBTS... HERE.

So, we're 3 bots down... onto number 4!

Heavy Labor comes in his own attractive window box giving you a decent view of the figure and it's accessories. Again, the box has some nice artwork with good shots of the figure, his accessories, and his multiple modes.

Heavy Labor is pretty self-contained. All he comes with in his package is the standard 2 guns, one purple and one red. So far, only Dr. Crank has had untied wire ties. The rest have been tied... safety makes me happy.

Heavy labor also includes his set of directions...

... and Tech-Spec card.

This is one solid figure. He's built like the truck he transforms into. There is no extra kibble that hangs off or detaches from him with the exception of his guns. 

Granted, he's a brick, a solid brick, but this guy is loaded with a surprising amount of articulation. Think of him more like a Sumo wrestler, big yet agile. He's loaded with swivel joints. His torso is fairly solid due to having to be the lower torso of Hercules, but again, very articulated.


His transformation into his Alt-mode, like the others is fairly simple. His arms are the most complicated part. There are little panels on his arms that flip into place to make the sides of his truck bed. Everything else folds into place pretty intuitively.

With a huge lack of any real accessories, merely peg his guns into place, and don't worry about any left-overs.


With Neckbreaker, we received a replacement hip section for Heavy Labor as there were some QC issues with the initial run of the figure. Apparently, the ratchets in his hip were fairly weak and were breaking when used as little as once. Even after all the posing and transforming of this figure in both it's normal modes and as part of Hercules, I have yet to experience any issues. The extra, I'm assuming stronger, hips are there if he ever needs to be fixed.

Transforming Heavy Labor into his combining form merely involves rotating the truck bed and legs, down.

Still, a pretty decent size. Hercules is gettin' bigger!

The cab section of Heavy Labor's truck needs to be flipped out to combine properly with Dr. Crank's upper torso section. Like the arm connectors, Dr. Crank has small hex-head posts on his underside that fit into receptacles on the top of Heavy Labor.

Sans  legs, he's taking up most of my light-box.

Heavy Labor continues the quality I received in the previous 3 figures. He continues to leave me with a sense of awe as I've combined him, making Hercules more impressive with each additional piece. I was eagerly looking forward to finishing the terrific homage to one of G1's most beloved combiners.

Only 2 pieces to go. Stay tuned for tomorrow... Part 5, the TFC homage to Mixmaster, Mad Blender!

Until then...

"A battle front is only as good as it's supply line" - Long Haul