Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prepare for Extermination! Day 3 - Neckbreaker

It's Day 3. Today, I present TFClub's homage to Bonebcrusher, Neckbreaker! As I've already mentioned, an homage to Constructicon Bonecrusher, Neckbreaker makes up the left arm of Hercules. As with Day 1's Exgraver and Day 2's Dr. Crank, Neckbreaker is not just some mish-mash construction vehicle but a near-perfect, updated likeness of the figure he is an homage to. You can still get your own Neckbreaker at BBTS... HERE.

2 bots down... onto number 3!

As with our first "Not" Constructicons, Neckbreaker comes in a great window box. You get a nice view of the figure with his accessories along with other shots on the box of his multiple modes and some great artwork.

Thankfully, unlike Dr. Crank, upon opening Neckbreaker I did not find that any of the wire ties were undone.

As with the previous figures, there is some great artwork under the figure's tray...

Neckbreaker also comes with the requisite instructions...

... and his Tech-Spec card.

Neckbreaker shows off Bonecrusher's vintage yellow/green and purple Constructicon colors. He has his treads molded in black and has silver and black paint apps throughout. He comes equipped the the standard 2 guns (one purple and one red), Hercules' left hand, a visor for Hercules' head (or for Neckbreaker himself), and he comes with a set of hips for a QC issue that became present in Heavy Labor. We'll get to Heavy Labor tomorrow.

Neckbreaker came packed as I have him shown above, with the dozer blade from his Alt-mode set as his feet. I thought this was a nice look as it provided him with some form of actual feet. Later, as I was going through the instructions, I found that he has the same feet as Exgraver and that the dozer blade rotates up and sits high on his hips.

Either way works, I prefer the dozer blade feet myself, it helps with the figure's stability.

Like his previous brethren, Neckbreaker is quite articulated. He is filled with swivel joint upon swivel joint allowing for many poses.

Neckbreaker's transformation isn't all that difficult. I did find that getting his feet transformed and then matching them up with his breastplate to form the dozer blade itself took a little play. It wasn't difficult, but took a little effort.


The instructions show to place Hercules' hand on the back of Neckbreaker set with the fingers pointing straight down. This leaves a big gap between Neckbreaker's tail end and the inside of the fingers. I chose to curl them up as a fist, with results that weren't that much more favorable. At least the hand and his guns are integrated into the vehicle mode so there is nothing lying about.

Like Exgraver, most of Neckbreaker's transformation into Hercules' arm  is based on moving the treads around. The dozer blade gets folded quite nicely around his wrist.

Hercules' fists are surprisingly articulate. The  top most knuckles are hinged and each finger is hinged mid-way. The thumbs are set on ball-joints and even have a hinge mid-way.

Like Exgraver's arm-mode, Neckbreaker is fairly large giving the overall impression of Hercules' size being quite big.

Creating the upper torso and combining Neckbreaker with Dr. Crank and Exgraver, Hercules starts to take shape...

Once again, TFClub delivers.  Building Hercules has surely been a pleasure to do. Neckbreaker keeps true with sturdy construction and a great look when representing the G1 character he's supposed to be. We're 3 bots in now, stay with us through the week to check out the rest!

Tomorrow... Part 4 - Heavy Labor, TFClub's homage to Long Haul. Until then...

"Hit it 'til it stands no taller than dust." - Bonecrusher