Monday, February 13, 2012

Prepare for Extermination! Day 2 - Dr. Crank

It's day 2, let's take a look at Dr. Crank!

Dr. Crank is our second figure that makes up the TFC Hercules, or Not devastator. An homage to Constructicon Hook, Dr. Crank makes up the upper torso section of Hercules. As with Day 1's Exgraver, Dr. Crank is not just some mish-mash construction vehicle but a near-perfect likeness of the figure he is an homage to. You can still get your own Dr. Crank at BBTS... HERE.

1 bot down... onto number 2!

Like Exgraver, Dr. Crank comes in an attractive window box giving you a decent view of the figure and it's accessories. Again, the box has some nice artwork with good shots of the figure, his accessories,  and his multiple modes.

Dr. Crank comes tied into  his own plastic tray. What I did notice though, was that while the figure had the wire ties holding him into place,  they were not wrapped tight. You can see underneath the tray that the tie holding the figures arm is  just hanging there. While this didn't cause any damage to the figure, I would hope that some QC will take place to correct this.

And underneath the tray... more great lineart. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't do it justice.

Dr. Crank has his requisite instructions...

... and Tech-Spec card.

As with the others,  Dr. Crank comes molded in classic Constructicon yellow/green and purple with black and silver paint apps. He comes with 2 guns, one purple and one red, and the crane attachment for his vehicle mode.

The artwork on the box shows Dr. Crank holding the crane attachment like an over the shoulder cannon, unfortunately,  I couldn't figure out how to get the figure to do that. It does fit on the figures back making for a huge chunk of kibble, but helping him remain standing.

 Oooh! Check it out, Hercules' head is integrated into the figure, no separate head to keep track of, it's already there.

With the crane attaached to his back...

Dr. Crank has his fair share of articulation as well. He doesn't have the hip-swivel due to the kibble on his back. But, he can still assume a myriad of poses.

Dr. Crank's transformation to Alt-mode isn't all that difficult...



His weapons can attach to his vehicle mode as well, making him very self-contained.

The crane extends quite a ways... so much so, it filled up my light box.

The crane also has some small guide-wheels and a bar onto which you can place a string. The string can be attached to a hook piece and you could actually give the crank functionality. A small yet neat an unexpected little addition.

Dr. Crank's transformation to Hercules' upper torso is amazingly akin to  Hook's transformation into Devastator's.


The connectors used to hook Hercules' arms into place are like those used in the Energon combiners. They are hex-heads that snap into ports on the other figures.

Dr Crank with Exgraver attached...

Overall Dr. Crank is an excellent toy. He's merely part 2 of 6 and so far, between the first 2, they are solid figures. Both have great paint apps and articulation. The combined form of just these 2 pieces alone shows that there was a lot of thought put into Hercules overall. The connection joint is solid and has a sturdy feel to it. Hercules will be able to have his arms positioned in numerous ways and remain that way. Just seeing the upper torso with the arm  shows that this guy will be BIG and BULKY,  just like he should be.

Check in tomorrow for Part 3... the TFC homage to Bonecrusher, Neckbreaker! Until then...

"Strive for perfection, even if others must suffer" - Hook