Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prepare for Extermination! Day 1 - Exgraver

Ohhh man! Did I get one awesome toy to show you all! A good friend of mine brought me the 6 figures that make of TFC's Hercules! These were case fresh and unopened,  it was truly an honor for him to let me open and review these before he even had a chance to look at them himself.

Hercules (or Not Devastator as he's know amongst the TF community) is, in a word, AWESOME. He's comprised of 6 figures, just as Devastator was. Each figure is a carefully crafted update and homage to one of the original Constructicons. They're not just a mish-mash of construction vehicles, they actually represent each of the original Constructicons; even their placement in the combined Hercules mode is the same. 6 figures, 1 huge bot, let's take a look!

The Saturday before the Super Bowl, my buddy Kevin came to visit. He told me he had something for me in his car. I figured that he'd found something for me, a G.I. Joe fig, a transformer I was looking for, I had no idea that it would be this. He brought the case in an opened it...  he brought it for me to review... a total OMG! moment. I couldn't wait to get these things opened!

Yeah... I was excited.

I took over 300 pictures of these figures... and I said Hercules would get reviewed this weekend. But to skip out on each figures pros and cons wouldn't be doing the toy justice. So today, figure 1. The rest will be released over the week culminating in Hercules himself! So, let's get started!

The first figure of the set that I opened was Exgraver, an homage to Construction Scavenger.

You can still get the Hercules - Exgraver at BBTS, HERE.

Exgraver, like all the figures comes in a nice window box that gives you a decent look at the figure and his  accessories. The box has some nice artwork on the front and one side; with shots of the figure, its accessories and in all modes on the other side and back.

The figure itself is set in a plastic tray and kept in place with wire ties...

I was surprised to find some nice artwork under the tray. It's the same drawing that's on the outside of the box and the card that comes with the figure, but more of a simple line drawing on a black background.

Exgraver also comes complete with his own instructions...

.. and character Tech-Spec. Though the Tech-Spec doesn't give us much info on the character, just a set of stats.

Exgraver comes molded in classic Contructicon colors, mostly construction yellow/green with purple; black  and silver paint apps detail  bits and pieces throughout. His head has red light-piping that works incredibly well. For accessories, Exgraver has two guns, one purple and one red, the digger arm for his vehicle mode or Bot-mode combat, and Hercules' fist.

With the exception of Hercules' fist, all his bits fit on him in Bot-mode.

 I was very impressed with the joins throughout Exgraver. There is only one ball-joint, at the neck...

The rest of the figure is FILLED with swivel joints. Even without any ball-joints, Exgraver is massively articulated, capable of myriad of poses.

The digger arm  from the Alt-mode can be attached to the  arm and used as a weapon...

The digger can also be attached to Exgraver's back... 

Transforming Exgraver into Alt-mode is fairly simple. The figure is fairly solid. Nothing in or during his transformation made me feel like I would snap anything off. Hercules' hand is integrated into the transformation as well, so in Alt-mode, all pieces are used and nothing is left out.


 Exgraver's fully equipped Alt-mode.

 Exgraver's last mode is that of Hercules' right arm; requiring some modification of the treads and hand placement.

 But... how big is this arm? How big will Hercules be? Let's take a look at that arm next to Voyager scale Classics Prime...

We're off to a good start. Exgraver is just a single bot that makes an arm. If just this one arm is any indication of the end product that is Hercules, we're in for a treat when  he's fully combined.  And I certainly don't want to sell the individual bots short. Exgraver is massively articulated with great paint apps and a sturdy construction. This certainly isn't a cheap figure considering it's a 3rd party product but after playing with the set, I'm  more than willing to shell out the cash for this set. Now all I have to do is convince the wife to let me get these.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2...the TFC Hercules homage to Hook... Dr. Crank. Until then...

"Everything is worth something, even me" - Scavenger