Friday, February 10, 2012

Marvel Legends 2012: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider.  Seriously... Kick... Ass... Figure...

I'm going to do this short and sweet.

Lets hit the points.

Sculpt: Love it...  He is imposing and exudes Vengeance.  Wish he had a weapon of some kind.  (Is this version of Ghost Rider supposed to have a weapon?)  The flames on his head are an add on kinda like a crown.  Glued on but not sculpted to his cranium.  The chest piece is multiple pieces.  The shoulders glued on to the main piece.  Very, very rubbery chest.  His belt/chains are rubbery as well and float loosely around his waist.

Paint: Nice Blue glow effect.  Good choices and application.  Looks like a biker from hell... on fire..  blue fire..

Articulation: Not terrible.  His shoulders caused me a little grief in spinning to get his clothes off.  Dirty me.  Mostly very well done.  Fairly standard for this wave of Marvel Legends.  Double elbows and knees.  Wrist turn and bend.  Ball shoulders and hips.  Good pose-ability.  Holds a guitar well.  What more do you want from a KISS backup singer?

Package: Well done.  Nice, vibrant, and sure looks nice on the shelf.  Or in my case, the trash can .  Free them from their plastic prisons!!  #FreeYourPlastic!

I'm a believer.  If Marvel Legend can keep the level of quality, I will buy the most obscure of characters.  And for some reason I really want a Squirrel Girl with Luke Cage's kid.  Babysitter action!

 "They call me Doctor Love!"

One Per Case review by Jason X