Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lady and The Tramp Blu-Ray Coupon Offers

If you're a collector of the Disney releases as they've been coming out on Blu-ray, this upgrade offer is sure to please: simply visit THIS LINK and print your upgrade coupons for either the 2-disc ($5 discount) or 3-disc ($8 discount).  The only difference is the Digital Copy which is offered on the 3rd disc.

Don't have the UPC for this upgrade?  Use this: 786936284058.  You will need to install that pesky Print Coupon from Real Steel or Transformers, and you'll need a Disney Rewards log in as well.  However, using Walmart's pricing as an indicator ($24.96 for the 3-disc, $27.96 for the 3-disc), your price at checkout is an amazing $19.96!  For a release which is gaining much interest for its quality conversion to Blu-ray, this is one movie deal you can't pass up!  My suggestion would be to nail the 3-disc.

This deal ends February 19th, 2012!