Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hasbro The Avengers: Quinjet

Usually, when Hasbro gives us vehicles for a Marvel movie, they're some made up GI Joe wannabe BS.  Like Iron Man actually needs a Jeep or a jet to get around.  But at least the movie lines (usually) get vehicles.  The Marvel Universe line has been vehicle-free for over 3 years now, despite fans asking for numerous vehicles, like a S.H.I.E.L.D. car or a Quinjet.  Well guess what.  The Avengers line just gave us a muhf@#$%in' Quinjet.  And there are no snakes on this plane.

I'm a big fan of vehicles for action figure lines, when they're done well.  Face it, the vast majority of vehicles in the past Marvel lines have sucked pretty bad.  So I was skeptical when Hasbro's PR announced this Quinjet a few months ago.  But then photos leaked out from UK Toy Fair and it actually looked awesome.  I was instantly stoked.  "Dammit", I thought to myself, "this better not suck".

This does not suck.

Ok well maybe the pack-in figure does.

I'll be up front with you, there are a few things about this toy that I would have done differently, but all in all, I think Hasbro hit the nail on the head with this one.  Sure I would've liked to see something a little bigger that could hold more figures, but for the price, I think this piece is pretty worth it.

The packaging is basically your standard Avengers card art but in box form.  It does a good job of selling the product by putting it in some dynamic artwork, and showcasing the 'jet's features.  Not bad.

Once you get the box open, it's a quick job to snap the wings and tail into place, and then apply the decals.  Yup, this thing gets decals.  Just like a real GI Joe vehicle.  The cool thing is, in addition to all the "no step", "warning: this engine will mess you up", and Avengers "A" logos that the instructions tell you to put on, you also get four smaller "A" logos in white to put wherever you like.  I chose to put one on each tail fin.  

Feature-wise, this thing is surprisingly functional.  The cockpit holds one figure, the rear cargo bay door opens to reveal seating for a second figure, and there's a clear plastic clip that slides out from the left side of the jet to hold a flying character in place, as if they're errr... flying.  Pretty neat gimmick.

Landing gear deploys from three spots on the underside.  When you slide the tail section back, the wings shift and the yellow flaps slide back to reveal the VTOL engines.  At the same time, the cockpit rotates forward and a dual spring-loaded missile launcher on a pivot arm pops up from the top of the fuselage behind the cockpit.  Smart!  The box calls this "Hyper Attack Mode".  

When you slide the tail wings forward again, the wings and cockpit return to their original positions, but the missile pod has to be manually reset.  This is called "Supersonic Stealth Mode."  I just call them "ass kicking" and "non ass kicking" mode.

"Hulk no fit.  Maybe Hulk really does need diet."
Despite the awesomesauce that is the Quinjet, there are a few minor negatives in my eyes:  For one, as I mentioned above, it would've been even nicer to have more room for figures in the cargo bay.  I could have taken this over the pop up missile launcher.  Secondly, this size works fine for most of the figures, but the already under-sized Hulk doesn't fit.  That's kinda lame.  I would love to be able to drop the Hulk into battle from above.  

The pack-in Iron Man Mk. VII figure isn't worth the plastic it's molded from.  It sports a pretty weak sculpt and only five basic points of articulation.  And the paint isn't even accurate to the single carded version.  Meh.

I'm not sure how movie-accurate this vehicle is yet.  Design-wise, it looks to be pretty close, based on what little we've actually seen of the Quinjet in the movie trailers, but color-wise, I get the feeling Hasbro took some liberties here with the gold and yellow accents.  That's fine with me, honestly, as I think the colors look great.

Overall, I think this vehicle works well for the movie line, and could even go well with the comic-based figures.  Because of that, I'll probably be picking up at least one more of these at some point.  Army-building vehicles isn't something I do very often, but I think Hasbro did well enough on this one that I can justify it, if there's a sale at some point.

The Quinjet is showing up in retail stores now, and is also available at BBTS.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more flying around my house to do.  

-Zak X from the future after tomorrow.