Monday, February 20, 2012

Transformers Movie Trilogy Optimus Prime

Found this nice little gem thanks to a post on and a local poster, Treadshot 2.0. Treashot didn't pick this up so I headed on over to Target to grab one. They didn't have any out on the shelf so I searched the Internets for a DCPI, which I found in the same thread, and took it to Guest Service. These were still hiding in the back room and thanks to two helpful employees, I was able to get one. FINALLY, after all these years of movie Primes, we get one with a trailer. Okay... so this is the second one, Ultimate Optimus Prime has one too, but a Deluxe scale fig with a trailer, sweet!
I was happy to finally have one considering that the rest of the Movie Trilogy Wave was canceled. Zak is not happy, he really wanted to finish his movie line. I knew that this would be a smaller toy considering the Optimus Prime itself is repaint of the Deluxe scale Wal-Mart exclusives, Lunar Fire and Mech-Tech Optimus Primes.

These aren't bad figures, just small. In my opinion, Optimus always needs to be a Voyager scale at the minimum. And quite honestly, I didn't care for the Mech-Tech. A neat gimmick for weapons sure, but when the piece CAN'T stay in weapon mode without holding it in place, it really does ruin it for me.

For packaging, we get a nice window box that displays Optimus in Alt-mode. All the branding and labeling is from the movie and the clear plastic window has raised text and a raised Autobot symbol stamped into it. It really is good looking packaging.

So, we get another version of the Deluxe scale movie Optimus; but like I said, not a bad figure. It's not super poseable, but it is decently articulated giving you the ability to at least set him up for your viewing pleasure. Optimus has the standard ball-joints at the shoulder and hips. There are hinges in the elbows and knees. and swivels at the ankles. Optimus does have a swivel waist, but in Bot-mode, the huge chunk of front-end truck kibble negates it's use.


For the mold and paint apps on this version of Optimus, I'd have to say, out of the 3 versions, I like this one the best. The molded gray plastic is on the dark side, which I like. The molded red and blue are in nice shades that equate well to Optimus' movie colors. The paint apps, specifically the flames, are done well and not over the top. There is a little gold in the nose of the truck, not as much as the Mech-Tech Optimus and no where near as much as Lunar Fire Optimus. I feel it's just the right amount. The only paint app that I feel is lacking... well, down right missing... are the hub-caps. They're straight black. I may have to go all David Willis on my Optimus with a silver sharpie or paint to get them to look better.


Now, the reason I bought this toy, and you're going to buy this toy, the trailer.

Unlike our other Deluxe Optimus Primes, this Optimus comes with  NO weapon. The trailer is our gimmick for this fig, and a lack-luster one at that. It's merely a plastic shell on wheels. But wait! The packaging says in converts to a Mech-Tech Armory... ummm... I wouldn't call it an "Armory". G1 Prime's trailer had more detail in it.

When you open the trailer up to store all your Mech-Tech weaponry in your new "Armory", there are whole 3 post holes. Luckily, I don't have much in the way of Mech-Tech, because this is all I could put in the Armory. The box says it holds 7 Mech-Tech weapons... well... that includes the outside post holes as well; of which there are 4.

I think the gimmick was to make Optimus' trailer look more like a rolling weapon than a storage Armory. If you manage to own a lot of Mech-Tech, then you could connect a bunch of them together to make the front of Optimus' trailer look like a giant weapon unto itself. I used what I had...


With Optimus in Alt-mode and his trailer attached, this is a good looking fig. Still, I was disappointed in it. When the Target employee brought this out and handed it to me, I was amazed at how small it was. It looks A LOT bigger in the pictures that we've seen. Yes, it's a trailer for a deluxe scale fig, but it still just feels... small. I brought out G1 Optimus' trailer and my FansProject Classics Optimus trailer for some trailer comparison. The G1 trailer is a bit on the shorter side, but a little taller.

The FansProject trailer dwarfs this thing. It's as long, but nearly twice as tall.

Overall,  this is a show piece. It really doesn't have any play value. Sure, it stores a few weapons, but it's not really a play-set like the G1 trailer was or meant to haul other Transformers around. It just looks pretty. If they'd have gone the extra mile and perhaps given us a trailer that acted like it did in DotM, a true armory for Optimus...

... I'd have gladly payed for that. Even if it didn't come with an Optimus figure, and was just the trailer, a trailer that transformed into a real Armory, that would have been more than worth purchasing. But still, I collect Optimus Prime figures in just about any shape, size, or make, so I had to get this one too. I still like how it looks and that's exactly how it's going to be displayed.

Until next time...

Review and pics by Scion  of Primus for