Friday, February 17, 2012

DC Universe Classics: All Star Hal Jordan - Review

I am not a fan of repaints.  Let's get it right the first time please!  But with that being said, boy did they get the paint on this one perfect!

I would like a sculpted symbol on his chest like the current renditions in comic, but that will be all I will complain about.  I love the metallic.  I love the glossy black.  I love this final All Star from DC Universe Classics!

Look at the wasted space in the package... no stand!?!?!? 

Check out that hair!

The All Star has better hair paint and black pants...  suck it TRU exclusive!

Both of these shine next to the original!

Hal still has a squatty neck, but at least Sinestro looks darn good!


 @OnePerCase review by Jason X