Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DC Universe and Batman Legacy: Harley Quinn

Mattel has recently done Harley in all the right ways.  In honor of Valentine's Day, Harley will show off all her splendor.  My wife recently told me that every girl has some kind of crazy, and it's the man's job to figure it out and decide if they can handle it.  Well, Joker definitely has his hands full here...

With the Mad Love pack we finally were able to get the proper white faced Harley Quinn with a bonus Black Suit Joker.  It is a pretty darn good pack for being complete re-paints: wave 2 Harley and wave 10 Joker.

I was unfortunately victim of the QC failure.  Her waist snapped quickly and without forcing a thing... sad sad Harley.  Well, superglue was applied and I am satisfied with the outcome.

The Batman Legacy: Harley Quinn figure from Arkham City is a fantastic figure.  She turned out all kinds of awesome.

Sculpt: WOW!

Paint: Great!  Love the tatoos!

Articulation: She definitely does not suffer from the issues Catwoman had.

Packaging: Very very sharp.

Choice of plastic: POOR! Harley unfortunately suffers from rubbery legs...  and bat.  Who needs a rubber bat??  Maybe a clown?  I guess that is to smack the Joker around with.

One Per Case review by Jason X