Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Avengers: Cosmic Spear Loki #12

In honor of Monday's "official" release of Hasbro's "The Avengers" products, let's kick off another week of updates from this line.  If you missed our first round of reviews, you can check those out here.  Today we'll finish up Wave 2 with Cosmic Spear Loki, the only villain revealed thus far in the line.  

I'm going to call it right now:  As many collectors that missed the ill-distributed "King Loki" figure from last year's "Thor" line scramble to pick this guy up, he may actually be the one hard to find figure in the initial wave, but only at first.  Like Red Skull or Crossbones from the "Captain America" line, this guy will eventually become easy to find thanks to the ridiculous over-abundance of first wave figures that will be shipped to every corner of the retailverse.  But enough about Hasbro's horrible distribution decisions, how does this God of Mischief stack up?  Read on to find out...


Loki comes on the same card as the rest of the basic carded line, but features green accents on the bubble and back of the card, because, you know, green is his color.  The packaging looks sharp, and as far as Marvel movie lines go, this is my favorite packaging design yet.

The Figure:

Loki features the same lack of articulation as the rest of this line so far.  He has a ball socket head, ball hinged shoulders, elbows, hips (with upper thigh swivel), and knees.  No wrists, no ankles, no torso/waist.  This is a real shame, and is the one downside of an otherwise spectacular figure.

Despite this lack of articulation and the loss of poseability that comes with it, this figure manages to impress with a sharp, detailed sculpt, and a solid paint job that really pops.  I would have never thought that black, gold and green would look so good together, but those colors really work here.  The lines are sharp, and this is the first figure I've opened from this line without any noticeable paint blemishes.  

The sculpt on the cape is notable as well.  I'm typically not a fan of statically-posed, sculpted "flowing" capes, but Hasbro pulled it off well with Loki.  The cape wraps around him well without hindering what little poseability his articulation allows him.  Speaking of articulation, it's also worth noting again that the ball-hinges being used on the hips for these figures are the best Hasbro has employed yet.  They move smoothly and intuitively.  You don't have to mess around with them for five minutes just to get the figure to raise their leg forward.  

Loki's accessories are a mixed bag.  The giant "kiddie" accessory features pop-out blades when the head of the axe/spear/whatever-it-is is slid upward.  Similar concept to what was used on Ultimate Thor's second hammer, but with much less success here.  The "spear/axe/whatever" is bulky, and looks more like a big metal bird with flapping wings than it does a villainous weapon.  

On the other hand, the movie-accurate (or what I assume to be, having not seen the movie) spear is pretty well done.  It's not so rubbery that it loses its shape, it features nice detail in sculpt and paint, and if the name of this figure weren't spoiler enough, looking at the head of the spear should be a dead giveaway for where the name comes from, and likely a key plot point of the movie.

Compared to Thor's "King Loki", this figure is, in many ways, a step up.  The articulation isn't up to par, but the sculpt, especially the face, blows King Loki away.  King Loki also didn't include any sort of movie accurate accessory, and this costume design in general just looks more "Loki-ish" than the previous costume.  If you weren't one of the 83 people that got ahold of King Loki last year, and don't want to pay the ridiculous price on the secondary market, Cosmic Spear Loki is a more than acceptable substitute.  

I would really like to see a new comic version of Loki in this line, but since this may very well be the only villain released in this line, he is definitely worth picking up when you come across him.  BBTS has the Wave 2 assortment containing Loki available now, and these are currently making their way to retail as well.

Coming up later this week, we'll take a look at Ultimate Hawkeye, a re-do of the last movie Cap, some Quinjets, and the Marvel-verse equivalent of battle mechs.