Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 10 Missing Masters of the Universe Classics

Fans have been clamoring for new Masters of the Universe figures ever since they got their hands on King Grayskull at SDCC in 2008. Here we are in 2012, and thanks to some great sculpting by the Four Horsemen, and despite continuing server issues on MattyCollector and poor (to say the least) customer service courtesy of Digital River, the line is still going strong. At least I think it is. Given some of the recent issues like the Demo-Man postponement and the shake up in the shipping schedule for 2012, it’s hard to say what exactly is going on over at Matty.

After three years, we’ve gotten well over 50 figures in the line, including some beasts, alternate outfits, accessory packs and giant figures. This year, the line is expanding to include a MOTU 30th Anniversary Series sub-line. We’ve already seen almost half the schedule for 2012, and with New York Toy Fair right around the corner, we’re sure to see more. You know what that means. Let the speculation begin! With all the figures we’ve gotten, there’s still some holes in the line, some more obvious than others. Here’s some MOTUC we’d love to see, and soon!

Ram-Man – Yes, this is the obvious choice for the list, but if we didn’t include him, we wouldn’t be doing our duty, would we? He played a major role in the old cartoon series. It’s possible that the Four Horsemen aren’t sure how to sculpt him, given that his action feature meant he had a rather unique sculpt. But let’s face it, the 4H are pretty amazing, so I doubt that’s the issue. The only reason I can think we haven’t seen him yet is that Matty is afraid that some collectors will lose interest after releasing all the core characters. They may be right, but sooner or later, we need a Ram-Man. Along with Mekaneck, the oldest character we haven’t seen. 

Mekaneck – Speaking of Mekaneck, where the heck is my Mekaneck? This guy was one of my early favorites as a kid. I can’t imagine him without an extending neck, so we definitely need either an action feature neck (preferable) or a neck extension to place between the torso and head (acceptable). Either way, it’s high time we got an update to the “Heroic human periscope”. Of course, it'd also be nice if we got the classic big yellow mace to go with him.

Jitsu – With the announcement of Fiso, who by the way looks great, it seems inevitable that we’ll get his large-handed evil counterpart. This is simply the way things work. Batman has his Joker, Professor X has his Magneto, Moss-Man has his Stinkor. Fisto needs the top-knotted yin to his yang. Besides, let’s face it, all he really needs is a new head sculpt and a big ol’ choppin’ hand, and the rest of the parts are already there. I would be fairly surprised if we don’t see Jitsu announced at Toy Fair.

Modulok – I’m impressed that we’ve gotten as many Horde members as we have at this point. I mean, we’re even getting a Shadow Weaver of all things. So let’s see a Modulok too. Given his pieces-parts manner, we probably won’t get him as a “regular” figure, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get him at all. If this works out well, it could lead to a nice Multi-Bot down the road, but out of the two, I'd say Modulak is clearly deserving of the first spot.

Two Bad – Ok, so it’s just an orcish looking bad guy with two heads on one body, but for some reason, he really worked for me. The two heads constantly argue with each other, and for the (admittedly goofy) classic cartoon, that was a shtick that worked well. Although Two Bad was never one of my favorites, my baddies just seem somehow lacking without his constant two-headed bickering behind them.

Stonedar/Rokkon – Maybe I’m cheating by putting the Rock People together as one entry, but I don’t think so. As much as I would love to see these guys, I’m perfectly fine with only getting one… in the short term, at least. Long term, well, like Sinatra says, “you can’t have one without the other”, right? And for the love of Eternia, please be sure we can bend them over into rock form. What can you say about “Rock People” that don’t turn into a rock, other than “Epic Fail”.


 Extendar – I suppose you could make the argument that if we were to get a Mekaneck, why would we need an Extendar? Shouldn’t I be happy with one guy with an extending limb? Well, I’m not. Back in the day, I randomly picked this guy up at a Gemco, and he ended up being my favorite figure near the end of the line. His action feature makes him tower over everyone else, and made him seem like quite a bargain. Let’s be sure we get the extending shield as well. I understand that tooling this guy might be a little expensive, but balance that out with the money you saved on Jitsu.

Tung Lashor – I can’t see myself getting through this list without at least one more Snake Man. We’ve got a good King Hiss and Kobra Khan is on the way soon. Tung Lashor seems like the next logical choice. Keep in mind, if he doesn’t have some sort of extending tongue, his name is meaningless, as would be his figure. 

Mosquitor – He has a torso that’s filled with blood. Why wouldn’t you want that? Not only that, but when you pressed a button on his back, in caused the blood to flow. Some action features are really superfluous and unnecessary. Flowing blood is not one of them. Another way to help round out that ever-growing collection of the evil Horde!

Horde Trooper – Last, but certainly not least. This was one of my favorite character designs from back in the day, and from the minute I saw him, I wanted like 10 of them. Note to Matty, when you make the Horde Trooper, be sure to up your production numbers! I’m sure there are hordes of collectors out there (bad pun intended) that would love to snatch up a whole crew of these guys. 


So that’s it for the list. Yes, I’ve only included figures from the original line. Part of the reason I’ve overlooked the New Adventures, Princess of Power and 200X figures is because the characters just aren’t as good. Maybe you disagree, but that’s what your top 10 list is for. Feel free to comment and let me know how wrong I am, or how right I am. Right or wrong, it will be interesting to see how this list compares with reveals at Toy Fair in New York.