Friday, January 27, 2012

Real Steel Coupon Offer

UPDATED (1/27) - Looks like Target and Best Buy in particular are holding firm to the terms of their offers.  In Target's case, their price is actually the highest of the three (including Amazon).  In BB's case, they only appear to be honoring either the UAS or the 3-disc $5 coupon, but not both.    My suggestion is that if you have DVD's to trade, try to get BB to convert those trades into gift cards, which would resolve any issue with honoring.  In the case of the $5 3-disc coupon, I suggest you approach customer service to negotiate for the 2-disc.  Believe me, with free LEGAL software such as DVDFab, you can make a LEGAL backup of your movie without needing to purchase the 3-disc Digital Copy version.  These discs have sold out of most BB's in my area, which could explain why they and Target are holding firm.  A last resort is to purchase now with the coupons you have, but wait the 14 days before opening it.  You might see someone blink, which could touch off the price war we've been waiting for.

Best of luck in your efforts to secure this!  But you need to act fast, as both coupons end January 29th! 
Check out my original post below, if you're just entering the game:

For a limited time, you can download a $5 coupon towards the purchase of the Real Steel 3-disc combo pack on Blu-ray.  Just go to, install the coupon print software, and you're good to go!  Not sure why you can't just print the coupon without installing the software, but the film's worth the money, provided you can play the coupon and price match offer game. 

This film will be released on January 24th, and the coupon is only for the 3-disc version only.  The coupon expires January 29th.  I'll update this with the best price, but it seems that both Amazon and Best Buy will be selling this for $22.99 (price after coupon).  A little steep but I think the film is worth it.  And we'll possibly see reductions this week as the film goes into general release.  You might also be able to use the Best Buy 'Upgrade and Save' program on this deal.  Bring in any DVD in its original packaging (cannot be a burned disc or an adult title), and BB will give you a $5 coupon towards a future release.  This deal is only good until January 28th.

My opinion is to wait until the 27th to purchase this from Best Buy, using the UAS offer and $5 coupon.  I would also press BB to price match BEFORE presenting the coupons.  I would suspect that Target and others will be offering a lower price on the 3-disc set than the current $27.99.  If you play your cards right, you should be able to pick this up for around $17.99!  Stay tuned!!