Friday, January 27, 2012

Marvel Legends: Hope Summers

Hope Summers...

I couldn't care less.  Sure Cable stole her and took her through the timestream a la Doctor Who minus the TARDIS, but seriously... who cares.  Sure she is the center of the next big Marvel event.  Avengers vs. X-Men.... but who cares?  Sure, I bet all you ginger lovers do, but really, she is fiction.  No offense Kevin.  Sure, that is a big gun... a great sculpt... good paint...  great execution...  ARGGHH I CARE!

Honestly, I bought her to review and here I am starting to absolutely believe in what Hasbro is doing.  I love Hope Summers.  Well, the plastic version of her.  No strange creepy face (sorry Stargirl), no wonky horrible legs (sorry Donna Troy), nothing I want to complain about!  Ah, Hasbro and how the Marvel Legends fans crucified you for the sub-par work you did when you took over the Marvel license.  What do you think of what they are doing now?  Sure, it took them a whole lot of 3 and 3/4" figures to come back to this, but what do you think?

I can't pretend to feel how you Marvel Legends collectors did.  Although, I did hunt for those legendary Wal-Mart exclusives for a friend.  What a pain in the keister that was... worst than Wal-Mart's DC Universe.. with all those horrible variants.  Or were they wonderful?  I do love variants...  good ones...  completely different figures?  Of ML 2012 wave 2, I accepts your challenge and I WILL find those variants along with the varinat BAF...

Wow, talk about being completely sidetracked into that... anyhow back to Hope, dear wonderful Hope.

Packaging:  A.  I can't really find any faults.  I like it.  I think that is enough.
Sculpt: Good face.  Good Body.  Good accessories, wristguads, boots.
Paint: It's good.
Articulation:  Good enough.  in fact it's pretty darn good.  More fun than DC Universe Classics...  and I've been told that rocker ankles will be part of wave 2!  I love me some rocker ankles.

Well... it's pic time.  I took a few.  I think I had more fun posing Iron Man, but Hope wasn't bad either.

I like pics with the articulation highlighted...

For some reason my Steve Rogers didn't have this neat little add in!  Iron Man's has Dazzler... look for that review tomorrow!