Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marvel Legends 2012: Steve Rogers

At this point in my collecting, I am a sucker for 6 inch figures.  I am 20 waves into DC Universe Classics and Marvel Legends are a natural progression of my collecting.  I didn't buy any of the previous Toy Biz or Hasbro incarnations with the exception of the 2 packs from last year.  But this doesn't seem to be bothering me.  Starting from here and not looking back seems reasonable after seeing what seems to be high quality toys from Hasbro, I couldn't resist picking these up.  And damn... I am a sucker for variants, and this line will have a ton of them.

Steve Rogers.  Captain America himself.  With Bucky Cap running around, Steve had to find a place for himself and that was as Commander Steve Rogers.  Yah, I follow Marvel comics as well as DC.

Let's get on with the figure.

The package is really well thought out and put together.  The wave will prey on the popularity of the Avengers and the upcoming movie.  I say BRAVO!  Let's get kids buying this kind of stuff!

The articulation is very nice.  The big changes from previous incarnations are no toe joint or hand joints.  In fact Steve's arms remind me of the first 25th Anniversary GI Joe's with the articulation in the forearm instead of wrist.  Double jointed arms and knees.  Ball joints for legs and arms.  Great overall movement.  I must say if these had rocker ankles I would be beside myself.

The sculpt.  I like it.  I love sculpted outfits.  Boots, gloves, and some webgear type stuffs.  All positives.

The paint.  Solid and tight.  I could only find minor flaws.

All in all I really enjoy this figure.  I would recommend him to any comic action figure collector.

 Some shots of the articulation

Size comparisons

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