Saturday, January 28, 2012

Marvel Legends 2012: Extremis Iron Man

Marvel Legends.  Extremis Iron Man.  Ok, I love it.  I haven't had this much fun posing a toy since Renegades: Storm Shadow.

This figure has all of the same things I loved in Steve and Hope.

Good sculpt, paint, execution, and articulation.  I don't say great.  That is reserved for truly spectacular toys.  This one is really good...

What can I really say.  In a toy aisle completely burned out by Iron Man action figures, this one honestly shines.  Granted I didn't take any interest in the 6inch Iron Man line.  Ugh, they come with spring loaded junk...  meh.  But after I posed and photoed this one, I have been examining them a bit closer in the aisle.  Those are just as nice.  This whole Marvel Legends thing also prompted me to track down that Comic Loki 6 inch from Wal-Mart...  and it was clearanced.  Can't beat that!  Anyhow.  Here are the pics!

 Man of Steel meets The Iron Man...

Bucky and Tony!

Bring it!

 OnePerCase Toy  Review by Jason X!

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