Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Real Star Wars

I WANT this animated show. There is HOPE for Star Wars... Why oh why do we have to endure the torture of The Clone Wars when this is possible...


  1. So... Vin Diesel and Eeth Koth somehow had a son, who was a Jedi, and Ahsoka had plastic surgery to look less ugly, and the two of them, and Commander Cody, and Cody's stunt double, went to arrest Han Solo who was disguised as Cad Bane. But then the Darth Vader Fan Club showed up with their Star Destroyers and their Droidekas in their TIE Interceptors and started getting too rowdy, because someone was watching The Phantom Menace next door and had the volume up too loud. So while Vin Koth was trying to settle peeps down, everyone else banged out in the Falcon, with R2... sorry, I mean T7 on the guns. One of the Vaderettes did his best impression of Qui-Gon gettin poked, and Jedi Master Diesel showed them his Darth Maul impression.

    Seems legit.

    Snarkiness aside, that was a damn cool trailer, and if I had the time for it, I would absolutely be sucked into that game, based on that trailer alone, if not the three other equally badass ones. This animation, story, and writing are already 183% better than anything on TCW. True story.

    1. lol. it is funny/insightful to see how all these Star Wars tropes are applied to craft this story (familiar in tone and character design, just different names) but I gotta say I was sucked into it. They built an audience relationship with the characters, both good and bad, and I'll have to check out the other trailers just to see how this story progresses. Haven't been big on Star Wars since Episode 1, but this is the tried and true plot and characters that made the franchise so beloved. And Darth Maul really is one of the baddest mofos in all of villainy. Just wish this could continue onto tv and cinema