Monday, January 16, 2012

Dreadnoks - 7 Pack

Let me premise how I feel about this Big Bad toy Store exclusive.  I love it.  With that on the table.  I will be tearing apart every little flaw I find about these figures.  Again, this is a pure win and fills out my Dreadnoks NICELY!  You can find these to buy here:  BBTS 7 packs

When these were announced, I felt complete.  My Zartan family and Dreadnoks would be done.  No need to question whether Hasbro could pull off releasing a Zandar (or any of these others) to the general public.  Although with the likes of Sci-Fi and Airtight hitting the market, I would bet Zandar would have been a fantastic carded figure.

  With 30th Anniversary articulation and a lot more care put into his sculpt.  And maybe... just maybe a decision not to make his colors like an Easter egg, we might have had a kick-ass carded brother to Zartan.  I never thought we would get a Zanya.  I love the fact we did.

Let's get into the individual figures.

Zanzibar.  Hmmm...  he kind of reminds me of Batmanuel from the Tick live action show (which ROCKS!)  Give him an eye patch... and he could save that bus full of cheerleaders 3 times, if you know what I mean...

In 1987, Zanzibar was released with his Air Skiff.  (pic of 1987 Z and his file card from

He had 2 previous versions:

Version 1 (1987)
Version 2 (2004)

And now he has been updated to 25th Anniversary style!  Now he isn't perfect by any means...  First off, his shoulder pad/webgear...  no where near what it was.  It looks nothing the same.  In fact, Taurus has the same one...  Ugh.  I like reused stuff but not this related...    His colors are all right.  No gloves...  *Bitch and moan* but you know what...  He looks good.  Skinny damn arms too.  But he looks good.  In the end, he puts a smile on my face.

"Another urban legend dispelled. Ninjas don't bounce." - Batmanuel

Oh crap!  I am too big for my ride!  

But I look good next to it!


Honestly, you decide.

Let's talk a little about Andrew Dice Clay.. err I mean Thrasher... ugh THUNDER!  I meant THUNDER!

Thrasher had 3 previous versions:

Version 1 (1986)
Version 2 (2004)
Version 3 (2005)

I am not thrilled about his head sculpt.  I don't think it does him justice.

 My Thunder Machine is missing a few pieces... I need to get that fixed.


Now with Zandar I was hoping for a little more thought.  Like darkening the blue instead of lightening.  Yah, I am having a hard time taking Zandar seriously with the super light blue and pink...  At least update his spear/arrow gun.  Instead we get a gold Eel's rifle and a huge crossbow.  He is screaming Poison to me.  
I do like the sculpt.  

Yah, he fits right in...

 I personally like the darker blue.  The pink is fine, just stop the all pastel colors.

Gnawgahyde - "Gnaw"

I dig this update.  Great head sculpt.  I wish he came with similar gear like his first release, but whatcha gonna do?  He looks like a poacher.  I'm sold.


I really could have done without this figure.  Don't know him and don't care about him.  He reminds me of the Poopy Batman that came in the Clayface two pack.

That leaves only one Dreadnok.  Kinda like the last piece of bacon at a breakfast buffet.  
Road Pig.

As much as I like this figure, his head sculpt is eerily like the lady who opens the doors at Target in the morning... Strange.  He has his Cinder Block Hammer.  It is perfect!  He has a neat Alligator Alley sign shield...  interesting, but it works.  And a giant sword that slides into a spot on the back of his chest piece.  You can't beat that.  He turned out to be a great figure.

Version One (1988)
Version Two (1991)
Version Three (2004)

A Dreadnok team shot!  (I managed to leave out the new Dreadnok that was released with the Doom Cycle.  Whoops)

And a family shot...

In order to take pics of the Zartan family... I had to release a couple of figures from their cards...