Friday, January 13, 2012

Dc Universe Wave 20: The Last C and C

 This is it.  The end of the DC Universe as we know it.  No, not another crisis.  Unless you count trying to find the wave in retail.

There has been a whole lot of controversy in the DC Universe Classics line in the last year.  Themed waves.  Rainbow Lanterns.  Super Powers.  Rainbow Lanterns... Yah, I said that twice.  A LOT of fans were very vocal about disliking the figure choice and THEN including Anti-Monitor as the C and C.  I will agree Nekron would have been a more fitting choice, however from what I saw, the wave sold well at retail.  Wave 18 and 19 did great too.  Not a whole lot of those hanging around.  Target's last sale cleared out most of the leftovers from the previous years(at least in Sacramento).  Thank you Target!  Walmart needs to get moving on that one.  Power Girl and Robotman are still available around here.

Why oh why are we losing the C and C?!?!?  I expect we won't see a break in prices OR more gear/equipment.  Hasbro is poised to attempt a beat down of the current 6 inch action figure quality and quantity.  Hasbro owns the qualilty 4" lines.  GI Joe.  Star Wars.  Marvel Universe.  They sell.  They are articulated.  And they only get better every year.  Remember Infinite Heroes?  Let's leave it at that.  Ugh...  I need a GI Joe style Batman... Badly.

That's the future...  The DC moves on with All Stars.  Which I like at least 66% of what I am seeing.  Repaints and Re-issues are standard in Star Wars.  Mattel, save those for the multi-packs like you have been.  I don't need Batman Beyond.  At least include his rumored wings with the release.  THAT I would love.  Black outfit Supergirl... Damn you, I will buy it, but I don't have to like it.  But seriously... Flashpoint Plastic-Man?  Is that a joke?  Where are the kick-ass figures from Flashpoint?  (Spoiler)  Like Thomas Wayne?  Or Aquaman?  Seriously.  Knock off the Flashpoint and give us our Mera or Fire and Ice.  Or is the Mattycollector Sub there for us to get our strong female characters.  Huntress.  Fire.  Ice.  Mera.  Give us a variant to buy with the sub.  Mera and Red Lantern Mera.  Yes, I love the Rainbow Lanterns.  Blackest Night ruled!  Superboy Prime, yes please!  Red Robin, albeit he looks like Alex Ross' Kingdom Come Red Robin.  He looks bad-ass anyhow.  Two figures from the new 52.  Yah, I will bite.  But I hope they have A LOT MORE DETAIL when they are released.  With no C and C piece and holding strong at your price point, Mattel needs to get it right.  And then there was Larfleeze.  Wait a minute, how can Larfleeze hit retail and Atrocitus is a sub figure?  Ah, carrots.  Mattel needs carrots to get us to chase down a sub dream.  Hate to tell you Mattel, but if you showed us the product before you sold the sub (even production sketches), you would have succeeded without carrots.  GI Joe is giving us ALL the info before asking us to commit.  Why can't you go out on a limb?  I hope the sub gains the trust of the fans.  There doesn't seem to be much.  Kinda sad.  It is a great line.  I love it.  I will buy it.  You have my support.  You killed it on 20 waves of Classics and before that DC Superheroes.  Keep it up, but please keep Flashpoint Plastic Man for some kind of Con.  Maybe a shared exclusive.  He will sit on shelves longer than Arctic Destro.  Yikes...

Ok, back to Wave 20.  Awesome wave.  Complete and utter awesomeness.  As Barney would say, LEGENDARY!  Great selection (but the exclusion of Don Hall hurts).  The Horseman killed on the sculpts.  Even the female had a great face.  (As opposed to creepy-happy Stargirl).  The selection was very much Brightest Day.  Yep, all but Speedy were there.  At least I don't remember him showing up in the story.  I was too busy watching Sinestro get sliced in half lengthwise by Nekron.  "I AM THE GREATEST LANTERN OF THEM ALL!" He proclaimed as he was then sliced in two...  Greatness.

Selection.  9 out of 10.  Only White Lantern Flash should get flak.  But I love him as did the con goers who bought the DC Direct version.  He will sell.  That's honestly what the benchmark should be.  Does he sit on shelves?  No?  Ok then, STFU.

Paint.  9 out of 10.  My set came out perfect.  Although I would prefer sculpted costumes rather than have them painted on a la Marvel Universe, I like this wave a lot.

Sculpt.  9 out of 10.  I could be picky, but why.  They look fantastic in poses and in pictures!

Quality Control.  8 out of 10.  My quality control also was spot on.  Tight joints.  Nothing broken.  Everyone had a left and right hand.  However, I have read some accounts of defects and poor factory figure building so beware!  (Mine personally were a 10 out of 10, but I have to take into account the reports of others).

As a set, it was a great finish to the DC Universe Classics.  Relevant figures done properly.

Let's get onto some pics.  Packaging first.

 Standard, classy packaging.  They look nice in their plastic prisons.  But... they must be released!

 Almost out!  So this is where I have a complaint.  Nekron's legs.  Bent and wonky.  They needed some love (and hot water) to straighten them out.  Always sad when the packaging warps your toys.  C'mon package!  STOP WARPING OUR TOYS!

Let's start with a re-do and a re-paint.


Sure he is a re-paint of the re-done Sinestro from the Toy 'R Us Two pack.  But damn is he a nice re-do/re-paint.  He is taller and skinnier and much much more like the Sinestro from the comics I read monthly.  (Spoiler)  Although now we need a FREAKING Green Lantern version of this figure...  sigh.  Killing me!!!!!

A comparison shot with the Wave 3 version... yikes.  And the DC Direct version.  Hmmm... hard to pick an absolute winner.  Super large cranium vs fully articulated...  What would you choose?

 And along with Sinestro, we get a little dead head.

Two birds, one....that's too cheesy.  

 Hawk and Dove!

What really blew my mind was how Dove did not need any help in that pose.  Her joints are tight and the balance of the figure is pretty darn good!  

With Hawk and Dove we get Torso and Crotch...

TORSO AND CROTCH!  WOOHOO!  Wait, what???!?

Green Arrow.  I personally prefer this version of the Green Arrow.  Now I like the previous wave 9 version, but something about this one screams tree hugger.  Now, all jokes aside, he did turn out really nice.  Too bad I don't like the choice in bow.

Ollie comes complete with a right arm.  Now it isn't the Right hand of Doom, but it still makes me smile...

Roy Harper...  I am sure I appreciate some other version of you more than this one.  But I must admit the execution of this figure albeit it mostly a repaint, is pretty darn good.

If you didn't catch the meager attempt at an homage to Hal Jordan going absolutely space case bonkers in the Green Arrow pics...  I am spelling it out for you.  ;)   

Here is an angry Red Arrow... but he does still have both his arms.

Meh, his gear...  No where to put arrows and a bow not ready to fire...   

Oh, such a choice as to my favorite one.  young Justice Red Arrow is nice but all too cartoony for me...  DCU wins until we get an Arsenal.

And *drum roll* a left arm...

That is one White Lantern Flash... boy oh boy is he White... Lantern.

Ok, I approve of the look from the front, but SERIOUSLY!  Superman's "S" on his back????  Damn...

And a Right leg in a stupid pose.  Showcasing the GREAT double-jointed-knee-ness of Nekron!

In all honesty, I did not take enough pics of this guy.  I have to admit, he is probably my favorite of the individual figures.  I saved him for last.  (well, before Nekron)  He really is nice.  Nothing about him disappoints me... until you get to the production stamp on the side of his foot...  I know they need to put dumbass stamps and "made in"'s on the figures... but  seriously, this is art!  Knock the crap off!

And the second wonky leg.  Make sure you have your pot of boiling water ready when you get Flash and Zoom...

 Now... I introduce...

Walking like an Egyptian...

The articulation on Nekron is unbeatable in the C and C's.  He really is nice.  The sculpt is fantastic.  His heart is neat.  He is such a bleeding heart...  har har.  Nice chains.  Nice paint...  but no FREAKING Scythe.  He has to borrow his baby brother's Scythe.  DC Direct included one in their Nekron.  I can only guess that budgets cut Mattel's out of the package.  WAH!!!!!!!!!!  I really want that one.

Isn't the little one cute? 

Seriously...  He can touch his own back...  NICE!

 As a wave, wave 20 really kicked some butt.  Thank you Mattel and The Four Horsemen!  And thank you for 20 waves of great 6 inch and over-sized figures!