Sunday, January 22, 2012


While I eagerly await a Thundercats Classics version of Cheetara, I opted to pick up the 2011 updated version when I found it.  And I am happy I did.

The first releases of the 2011 6" figures were rather disappointing.  The detail paint work was really poor.  The eyes had no black lines.  The Mumm-ra's arms were missing paint on his bandages.  All in all they were terribly executed paint apps on decent sculpts.  In comparison the 8" and now the 6" Classics line had the detail.  Honestly, those eye paint apps can make or break a figure.  I hope Bandai re-releases Lion-O and Panthro with updated paint apps, if only on their face.  All the Bandai larger scale figures use poor plastic color choices for joints.

I was a fan of Thundercats as a child.  I loved the show.  I am a fan of the new Thundercats as well.  I watch every episode with my 7 year old son, and he loves it.  Lion-O's "learning lessons" were really hard to watch in episodes 3 and 4.  Not my favorite, but the story swings into full gear and we start to see character growth and character histories are revealed.  Cameos/Easter Eggs of characters from Tigersharks and Silverhawks are extremely fun for those who watched those shows in the 80s.  Wouldn't it be neat to get fully articulated versions of those characters?  Ugh, my wallet just screamed in pain...

I like what they did with Cheetara.  I don't mind or criticize the choice to make her look a little more... provacative (as opposed to calling her a hooker of sorts... as was suggested by some before the show began)  Honestly, she wore a one piece swim suit in the orginal show, so this really isn't a change.  In the original pilot, all the Thundercats were basically nude cats.  Meow...

The figure is done well.  (Except for some poor choices in joint pegs.)  Articulation is great.  The feet have rocker ankles.  I love rocker ankles!  (Mattel, WE ALL LOVE ROCKER ANKLES!  BRING THEM BACK IN DCU!) The joints are all nice and tight and allows for good poses.  Her hands do tend to pop out of her ball joints easily and her head has limited movement due to her hair.  She has a good sculpt and the paint apps are definitely better than the first wave.  Notice her eyes in the pics.

The packaging was nice.  Like the others in the line.

The wasteful space in the package is a bad thing. 

Look at these feet!

Check out the eyes.  Such a difference!

 Here are some comparison pics with figures from show and Classics.

Thundercats HO!!!