Saturday, December 24, 2011

Zombie Viper!

The Zombie Viper.

This figure is just plain fun.  It kinda throws back to 1992's Toxozombie.  However the Toxozombie was just a Toxo-Viper who becomes married to his work.  Doused with chemicals over long periods of time, he becomes the Toxozombie.

The Zombie-Viper is the result of intentional experimentation.  He is injected with Compund Z (not to be confused with Chemical X which created the Power Puff Girls) and he becomes a chemically created zombie.

The figure itself is fantastically designed.  Great articulation.  Fun sculpt.  I have a little issue with the lack of paint apps.  His hair, eyes, and teeth need some love.  He also has one hugely disappointing feature.  He didn't come with all his gear...  That is so freaking sad.  The Comic-Con pics had him with 4... count them 4 canisters on his back.  He comes with one.  Weak.  He also only has 3 holes in his helmet for the canisters to connect to.  So any attempt at casting them and plugging them in also leaves us short of the dream and intention of the sculpt.  (I guess a drill would solve this issue)  Anyone willing to cast these?  Speak up!

I took a few pics with 3 canisters.  Two of my zombies are missing their Compund Z.  Sad Zombies.

Oh no!  Not Cover Girl!!

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