Thursday, December 8, 2011


I love rainbows lanterns.  I find the whole emotional spectrum take on power rings fascinating.  My top three are Green, Yellow, and RED!  (Of course Black kick major butt too!! FLESSHHHHHH!!!)

I am an avid Mattel DC collector above all other incarnations of DC.  DC Direct does a nice job but usually lacks in articulation and that hurts them tremendously.  But every once in a while a figure comes along like this:

DC Direct's Red Lantern Guy Gardner!  I wish I had a good pic of the carded figure, but mine came with the cardboard insert floating around in the package, so I just RIPPPED the package open in a plastic craving RAGGGGGEE!!

I knew I wanted a few of these DC Direct figures from the Green Lantern series: GREEN LANTERN ARKKIS CHUMMUK, GREEN LANTERN HAL JORDAN (POWER GLOW), RED LANTERN GUY GARDNER, and GREEN LANTERN STEL.

Now, I already have a tranparent green Hal Jordan... boring re-release.  I don't care if it is a different sculpt.  Good luck looking at it from a foot away and seeing the differences.  Arkkis... ok yah I am pretty sure this one is staying with me.  Stel.. meh.  I LOVE the over-sized Mattel Collect and Connect.  No comparison for me.  But Red Lantern Guy...  How freaking awesome is this!!  AND... AND... AND... HE COMES WITH A FREAKING CHAINSAW CONSTRUCT.  This surprised the hell out of me.  It is fantastic.  FANTASTIC.  

Ok... I need to calm down a little.  FANTASTIC!!  Now, I'm done raging...

Now he lacks a little in articulation, but I doubt he can be made any better.  If the Horsemen try for Mattel, they will have their work cut out for them.  Great paint.  You cannot beat metallic paints.  Blood on the mouth...  A great face sculpt for Guy (sorry Horsemen, but yours is way too dated).  Thank you DC Direct for this fantastic sculpt and execution of a RAGEING figure!

Credit for the inspiration of this figure goes to DC and Geoff Johns leading the Green Lantern crew to some fantastic turns in their characters... Giving Guy a Red Ring was a crazy and amazing part of an already epic (wow, you almost expect the word fail after epic these days) story.  Thank you DC!