Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Allure of Steelbooks

Some men collect tools, others collect women (always a suspect endeavor), while still others pursue cars, all of which seem strangely and erotically connected.
But for the geek, collecting takes on a whole new form: from toys, movie memorabillia, tech, or some other strange fascination, the geek pursues all things off the radar.
Take for example my new fascination: blu-ray steelbooks. I've always appreciated the collectability of box sets, special releases, and gift sets. People who engage in this hobby obviously love film, and they appreciate unique packaging as well. Steelbooks make a splash, announcing to visitors that my love for film goes beyond that of the actual movie.

But collecting steelbooks also reminds me that Hollywood sometimes does right by its fans. They do respect on some level what consumers want, by creating an alternate, and therefore more desirable, product that gives us the complete experience of film, oftentimes growing beyond the disc it was intended to protect.

In short, steelbooks make a statement.