Wednesday, November 9, 2011

VC69 – Bastila Shan

Full disclosure, I love Knights of the Old Republic. There’s a reason that game received so much high praise. Further disclosure, I think the characters are a big reason the game worked as well as it did. With that out of the way, I bring you Bastila Shan from the latest wave of the Star Wars Vintage line.

I’m a sucker for the Vintage style package. I loved the way the old figures looked, and like many collectors, I was stoked from the first time I heard the look was coming back. No actual photo for this character, but the card art still looks nice.

Starting at the top, let’s get the head out of the way. The face is… ok. Definitely could have been better, but it’s decent. I’m really not sure what happened here, but giving Hasbro the benefit of the doubt, let’s say the mold lost something in production. For the most part, the sculpts in the Vintage line have knocked it out of the park, but the face on this one is definitely sub-par for the line. Other than that, I’m happy with the sculpt.

The articulation gives you all the points that you’d like it to. Again, the vintage line has been great on articulation. This figure is no different. The skirt does restrict movement a little, but nothing major. She comes with both a lit and unlit version of her double-bladed lightsaber. The unlit version attaches nicely to the hole in her waistband to hang from the belt. The lit version fits reasonably well in her hands. The sculpt of the hilt and the color of the blade are more or less accurate, so there’s not much else to be said there. 

Once again, this is a figure that is unlikely to be remade any time soon, if ever. For me, this one falls under the “not perfect, but good enough” category. If you’re one of the anti-expanded-universe types, this figure isn’t going to hold much interest for you. As a big fan of the KOTOR games, I say grab one of these if you can find it.

- Brett X