Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The G.I. Joe Collector's Club Sub Completes 1983!

Super EXCITING!!  1983 will now be completed!  Redone in articulated goodness!  Hasbro started with the 25th anniversary line and has been continuing to bring us bits and pieces of the 80's Joes in a non O-ring style.  And finally '83 is done!  With the announcements of Tan Grunt and today Cover Girl!  1982 was completed(except for red padded Grand Slam!).  1984 is pretty much done (Don't really need a tan Clutch, maybe we already got one and I missed it).  1985 has vehicle drivers to complete (We need them!  Keel Haul, Tollbooth, Heavy Metal!).  1986 only has a couple left (Iceberg, Cross Country).  1987 NEEDS some serious love HASBRO!!  Bring us Psyche-Out!  Fast Draw!  Classic Jinx (the sub has a kick-ass VvV Jinx)!  Crystal Ball and Raptor (yes please make them)!!!   Dress Blues Gung-Ho!  A ton of vehicle drivers!  Bring them to my shelves!

Sorry about that, I got a little excited there.  Back to the matter at hand.

The G.I. Joe Club has been working SUPER hard to get the fans these figures and they are hitting ALL over the GI Joe universe with the upcoming sub.  I have to give them a ton of credit.  I cannot wait to see them carded.  If a Joe fan passes these up, they will be sorry and probably paying extra in the after market.