Monday, November 28, 2011

G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary – Hazard-Viper

The recent G.I. Joe line has been nothing short of wonderful. Great sculpts, tons of cool accessories, interesting character choices (for the most part) and best of all, they’ve been fairly easy (at least in my area) to track down, especially compared to other Hasbro lines. The latest wave of figures brought us some great Cobra troopers, including the toxin specialist Hazard-Viper.

The sculpt is fantastic. The suit, the facemask, the accessories, all of it is quite impressive. When you pull the mask off, you get the more-or-less standard balaclava-headed generic Cobra thug. Standard, but well done. Pouches, belts, oxygen tanks, straps and buckles all look great. Top off a nice sculpt with a well done paint job, and you’ve got a great looking figure. To top it off, he’s got the great articulation that is standard in the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary line. They’ve done a fine job of incorporating functional articulation without making the joints obvious or awkward. 

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Numerous accessories have become a more than welcome signature of the recent G.I. Joe lines. You want them and this guy’s got them in spades. A backpack with functioning hose, a suitcase full of three canisters of toxic material, two pistols, a rifle, some sort of (presumably) toxin firing pistol and a figure stand. That’s a whole lot of goodies. My only real complaint is that I had a difficult time connecting the hose to the rifle. Other than that, I was more than happy.

The Hazard-Viper is a top notch figure, and at roughly $7 a pop for a fantastic figure with a slew of fun accessories, you’re hard pressed to get more bang for your action figure buck.