Monday, October 31, 2011

My Mattycollector DCU Legion Pack's Destiny Is In Customer Service's Hands

My DC Universe Legion 12 pack FINALLY arrived...  very silly considering I live in Sacramento and it really doesn't have to travel too far (over a week and a half).

Well, the set is amazing.  The packaging kicks butt (I might not open it and I open everything!).  However, and this is a big freaking however.  Ultraboy is defective!  ARGH!  Now, its future lies in the hands of customer service.  A buddy of mine ordered it for me (Thanks Brett!) and now he has to go through the process of contacting Matty and seeing what can be done.  Every figure in the pack looks great (besides Ultraboy's leg and I plan on doing a nice review on it, but now I seem to be waiting even longer to get my hands on it.  Matty, please fix my Legion pack!!