Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's no secret.  I am a fan of the DC reboot or of the DCnU (DC new Universe) as it is referred to.  Why you ask?  It's simple.  DC is trying to breathe life into all of their titles.  I respect that.  Rejuvenate them.  Make them exciting.  Bring them all together in a way.

I love Geoff John's work.  Honestly, I only started reading his work with Green Lantern and the Sinestro Corps war.  Before that I was a Marvel fan.  I wouldn't touch a DC book.  Now I own all the GL books back to Rebirth.  Granted there is much much more to the GL lore than what I have read, but I still love it and consider myself a die hard GL fan.  I'm a DC now, not a Marvel...  although Bendis is brilliant, he could not keep me through the transition to the "Herioc Age."  I still read them, but I don't recommend any Marvel book besides the new X-Force (which is GREAT!)

Back to the DCnU.  This week: Green Lantern and Red Lanterns.

Green Lantern:

After the shocking end of "War of the Green Lanterns," Sinestro headlines the new GL book.  I love Sinestro.  I love this book.  I smiled when Hal and Carol went on a normal date sans rings.  I was excited when Sinestro killed his first SC member.  I am going to love this book.

Red Lanterns:

"How on earth are they going to make this readable," I thought to myself.  Well today, I found out: flushing out Atrocitus as a character and exploring his view of rage and the universe. 

"What are you doing to my cat!?!"

I love this guy.  I love why he is rage.  I love his passion and dedication.  I can't wait to see where this goes!

I enjoyed these books the most of the new DCnU.  I still have the other books to read this week but these rocked and I needed to share!