Monday, September 26, 2011

Dc Wave 19 Sandman

Happy happy day!  Target had wave 19!

Starting the wave reviews with Figure #1: Sandman

To be honest, I have never read a comic with this exact version of this character.  He is another one of those obscure figures (to me) that the Horsemen manage to make me clear space on my DC shelves for. (Sorry for the crooked carded pic!)  His body, legs, and arms are the Questions from wave 11.  New head, cape, and gun.  He also has a slick little hook on his coat for his gun!  I found that to be a neat little feature.  His gun also fits REALLY well in his hand (however when I removed it, it also took some paint with it).  Nice figure, no huge complaints (wish he was a newer version of the character... but maybe someday.)  Here is a wiki to the characters background/history: Sandman!