Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aquaman #1


It's the last week in the DC New Universe number 1's.  Some very powerful JL members make their debut this week... well maybe it's a re-debut.  Superman, Flash, The Dark Knight (sure batman has a few books), and then Aquaman...  Geoff Johns is writing Aquaman.  I love Geoff Johns.  Well... I love his work.  Not to mention his presence at cons and his accessibility.  I have pictures with him and my son rocking a GL shirt from the premeire of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights at WonderCon.  The dude was just hanging around talking to everyone...  It was nuts! )So I geeked out a little...)

Anyhow back to the matter at hand: Aquaman #1.  What a way to start the book.  It immediately addresses that Aquaman can be a hero on land.  BAM!  The police can't believe it and even make a joke about it...  Aquaman needed to be more relate-able and there he is in a seafood joint, ordering fish and chips no less and answering questions from a blogger...  The book also addresses all of the media's jokes about him.  Family Guy and Spongebob's Mermaid Man have made fun of him for YEARS!  Well, screw them!  Aquaman rocks and Geoff Johns is going to prove it.  A great beginning!  Oh did I mention Mera Rocks!!!  Get ready for a tale of TITANIC proportions! (Wokka wokka wokka!)  Love this book so far.