Saturday, August 20, 2011

Young Justice 4" Wave 2

I wish I could say I was "whelmed" by this line.  But simply put, these are a waste.  Add some articulation and I would have kept them.  Designs are great, but again the smaller DC scale must be aimed at kids and what kid cares about articulation?  What kid in the 80's thought GI Joe's need to be more static.  Which kid didn't welcome swivel arm battle grip?  Which one?  The line is wasted with good design but they are just mini statues.  Star Wars figs of the 70s and 80s compete with the playability.  It is sad really.  But none the less the first 3 waves come with the collect and connect Hall of Justice, and I WANT that!  So I grabbed these the minute I saw them at (Superboy and Captain Atom are still available).  Enjoy some pics!