Saturday, August 20, 2011

Black Dragon VTOL

I was surprised this morning when I found the Black Dragon VTOL at my local Wal-mart.  Happily surprised.  I had no interest in another VAMP, but the Black Dragon I had been silently awaiting it's arrival onto shelves.  So of course, I bought it.  $20.  Its price tag.  And worth every penny.  I love this thing.  I was surprised how much I did.  It has button features, and I am not a fan of these, but... they are not real gimmicky but more functional.  The "button 1" as the instructions call it pop the wings from "landing mode" to "Flight mode."

"Cool," I said aloud.  But it was followed by an "Oh Crap" as I pressed "button two" on mistake and 8 bombs dropped out of the thing and onto my lap and the floor.  "Button Two" drops all 8 bombs AND swings the cannon out of hiding.  Neat stuff.

The Figure isn't half bad either.  No removable helmet (always a minus) but all in all a good "Air Viper."  But it struck me in a happy way when the fig came with a gun, a stand, and a pre-cut file card, a well-designed one at that.  The Black Dragon is giving me hope that GI Joe is going to come back strong!  Now I just need my "Rock"block figure and Sci-Fi!!  Oh and don't forget a Techno Viper army!