Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Couple of BATS!

Before Marshall's and TJ Maxx started receiving B.A.T.s last year I had a modest army of them....

After TJ Maxx and Marshalls received the B.A.T.s wave and the Hall of Heroes figures and I scored the Defense of Cobra Island packs at Ross, my army grew...  fairly inexpensively.

The B.A.T. is a a fantastic figure.  The repaint in the Resolute pack is also fantastic.  The Jungle B.A.T., not so much.  The Jungle B.A.T. really kinda blows.  But then again I am a fan of the 1980s Joe line and don't care a whole lot about new looks.  Even if I liked POC, Jungle B.A.T.s are lame...


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